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New publications from McMurray Lab members

Members of the McMurray lab have been authors on two new publications. Both are the result of our multidisciplinary collaborations:

  1. Teaford M, Berg W, Billock VA, McMurray MS, Thomas R, Smart LJ (2022) Muscle activity prior to experiencing the rubber hand illusion is associated with alterations in perceived hand location. Psychological Research (epub ahead of print).

  2. Adams AM, Anas NA, Sen AK, Hinegardner-Hendricks JD, O’Dell PJ, Gibbons WJ, Flower JE, McMurray MS*, Jones JA* (2022) Development of an E. coli-based norbaeocystin production platform and evaluation of behavioral effects in rats. Metabolic Engineering Communications 14: e00196. *joint corresponding author

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