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Published Work

Research manuscripts, review articles, and book chapters authored by past and present researchers from McMurray Lab.


Effect of psilocybin on decision-making and motivation in the healthy rat.

Roberts BF, Zylko AL, Waters CE, Crowder JD, Gibbons WJ, Sen AK, Jones JA, McMurray MS

Behavioral Brain Research 440: 114262.


Muscle activity prior to experiencing the rubber hand illusion is associated with alterations in perceived hand location

Teaford M, Berg W, Billock V, McMurray MS, Thomas R, Smart JL

Psychological Research (epub ahead of print).


Development of an E. coli-based norbaeocystin production platform and evaluation of behavioral effects in rats

Adams AM, Anas NA, Sen AK, Hinegardner-Hendricks JD, O’Dell PJ, Gibbons WJ, Flower JE, McMurray MS*, Jones JA*

Metabolic Engineering Communications 14: e00196.


Sex Differences in Feeding Regulated by Estrogen: Crosstalk between CNS Dopaminergic Reward Circuitry and Adiposity Signals

Krolick KN, Tapp DN, McMurray MS, Shi H

In: Qingchun Tong, editor: Neuron Signaling in Metabolic Regulation, Academic Press, UK.


The somatosensory system in anorexia nervosa: A scoping review

Teaford M, McMurray M, Billock V, Filipkowski M, Smart JL

Journal of Experimental Psychopathology 1-12.


Dopamine D2 receptor overexpression in the nucleus accumbens core induces robust weight loss during scheduled fasting selectively in female mice

Welch AC, Zhang J, Lyu J, McMurray MS, Javitch JA, Kellendonk C, Dulawa SC

Molecular Psychiatry 26(8): 3765-3777.


The effects of multiple early life stressors on adolescent alcohol consumption

Thompson SM, Simmons AN, McMurray MS

Behavioural Brain Research 380: 112449.


Extent of food restriction affects probability but not delay-based decision-making

Tapp DN, Zerkle HL, McMurray MS

Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior 114(2): 179-192.


Integrating research into the undergraduate curriculum: 3. Research training in the upper-level neuroscience curriculum

Chase L, McMurray MS, Stavnezer A, Morrison ME, Lom B, Buffalari D, Fernandes J

Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education 19(1): A75-A88.


Integrating research into the undergraduate curriculum: 1. Early research experiences and training

Buffalari D, Fernandes J, Chase L, Lom B, McMurray MS, Morrison ME, Stavnezer A

Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education 19(1): A52-A63.


Integrating research into the undergraduate curriculum: 2. Scaffolding research skills and transitioning toward independent research

Morrison ME, Lom B, Buffalari D, Chase L, Fernandes J, McMurray MS, Stavnezer A

Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education 19(1): A64-A74.


Central but not peripheral oxytocin administration reduces risk-based decision-making in male rats

Tapp DN, Singstock MD, Gottliebson M, McMurray MS

Hormones and Behavior 125: 104840.


Relationship between college student intoxication level and their recall of alcohol poisoning symptoms

Ward RM, Lewis P, McMurray MS, Brinkman CS, Taylor EA, Witmer KA, Bonar RN

Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education 63(2): 18-34.


Effects of prenatal cocaine on maternal care and ultrasonic vocalizations of rat offspring

McMurray MS, Johns JM

In: Stefan M. Brudzynski, editor: Handbook of Ultrasonic Vocalization, Vol 25, HBBN, UK: Academic Press, pp. 457-466.


Brain Stimulation Reward Supports More Consistent and Accurate Rodent Decision-Making than Food Reward

McMurray MS, Conway SM, Roitman JD.

eNeuro 4(2): ENEURO.0015-17.2017


Acute and long-term effects of adolescent methylphenidate on decision-making and dopamine receptor mRNA expression in the orbitofrontal cortex

Amodeo LR, Jacobs-Brichford E, McMurray MS, Roitman JD.

Behavioural brain research 324: 100-108


Orbitofrontal cortex reflects changes in response-outcome contingencies during probabilistic reversal learning

Amodeo LR, McMurray MS, Roitman JD.

Neuroscience 345: 27-37


Activity-Based Anorexia Alters the Expression of BDNF Transcripts in the Mesocorticolimbic Reward Circuit

Ho EV, Klenotich SJ, McMurray MS, Dulawa SC.

PloS one 11(11): e0166756


Consequences of Adolescent Ethanol Consumption on Risk Preference and Orbitofrontal Cortex Encoding of Reward

McMurray MS, Amodeo LR, Roitman JD.

Neuropsychopharmacology 41(5): 1366-75


Dopamine D2/3 receptor antagonism reduces activity-based anorexia

Klenotich SJ, Ho EV, McMurray MS, Server CH, Dulawa SC.

Translational psychiatry 5: e613


Early postpartum pup preference is altered by gestational cocaine treatment: associations with infant cues and oxytocin expression in the MPOA

Lippard ET, Jarrett TM, McMurray MS, Zeskind PS, Garber KA, Zoghby CR, Glaze K, Tate W, Johns JM.

Behavioural brain research 278: 176-85


Effects of prenatal cocaine exposure on early postnatal rodent brain structure and diffusion properties

McMurray MS, Oguz I, Rumple AM, Paniagua B, Styner MA, Johns JM.

Neurotoxicology and teratology 47: 80-8


Translational analysis of effects of prenatal cocaine exposure on human infant cries and rat pup ultrasonic vocalizations

Zeskind PS, McMurray MS, Cox Lippard ET, Grewen KM, Garber KA, Johns JM.

PloS one 9(10): e110349


Effects of voluntary alcohol intake on risk preference and behavioral flexibility during rat adolescence

McMurray MS, Amodeo LR, Roitman JD.

PloS one 9(7): e100697


Effect of prenatal cocaine on early postnatal thermoregulation and ultrasonic vocalization production

McMurray MS, Zeskind PS, Meiners SM, Garber KA, Tien H, Johns JM.

Frontiers in psychology 4: 882


3-dimensional diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) atlas of the rat brain

Rumple A, McMurray M, Johns J, Lauder J, Makam P, Radcliffe M, Oguz I.

PloS one 8(7): e67334


A novel device for the calibration of sonic and ultrasonic recording transducers

McMurray MS, Hubbard DK.

Journal of neuroscience methods 217(1-2) :39-43


The translational role of diffusion tensor image analysis in animal models of developmental pathologies

Oguz I, McMurray MS, Styner M, Johns JM.

Developmental neuroscience 34(1): 5-19


Olanzapine, but not fluoxetine, treatment increases survival in activity-based anorexia in mice

Klenotich SJ, Seiglie MP, McMurray MS, Roitman JD, Le Grange D, Dugad P, Dulawa SC.

Neuropsychopharmacology 37(7): 1620-31


Synergy of image analysis for animal and human neuroimaging supports translational research on drug abuse

Gerig G, Oguz I, Gouttard S, Lee J, An H, Lin W, McMurray M, Grewen K, Johns J, Styner MA.

Frontiers in psychiatry 2: 53


Automatic Skull-stripping of Rat MRI/DTI Scans and Atlas Building

Oguz I, Lee J, Budin F, Rumple A, McMurray M, Ehlers C, Crews F, Johns J, Styner M.

Proceedings of SPIE--the International Society for Optical Engineering 7962: 7962251-7962257


Development of translational methods in spectral analysis of human infant crying and rat pup ultrasonic vocalizations for early neurobehavioral assessment

Zeskind PS, McMurray MS, Garber KA, Neuspiel JM, Cox ET, Grewen KM, Mayes LC, Johns JM.

Frontiers in psychiatry 2: 56


Use of High Resolution 3D Diffusion Tensor Imaging to Study Brain White Matter Development in Live Neonatal Rats

Cai Y, McMurray MS, Oguz I, Yuan H, Styner MA, Lin W, Johns JM, An H.

Frontiers in psychiatry 2: 54


Combined norepinephrine/serotonergic reuptake inhibition: effects on maternal behavior, aggression, and oxytocin in the rat

Cox ET, Jarrett TM, McMurray MS, Greenhill K, Hofler VE, Williams SK, Joyner PW, Middleton CL, Walker CH, Johns JM.

Frontiers in psychiatry 2: 34


Effects of chronic and intermittent cocaine treatment on dominance, aggression, and oxytocin levels in post-lactational rats

Johns JM, McMurray MS, Joyner PW, Jarrett TM, Williams SK, Cox ET, Black MA, Middleton CL, Walker CH.

Psychopharmacology 211(2): 175-85


Simultaneous prenatal ethanol and nicotine exposure affect ethanol consumption, ethanol preference and oxytocin receptor binding in adolescent and adult rats

Williams SK, Cox ET, McMurray MS, Fay EE, Jarrett TM, Walker CH, Overstreet DH, Johns JM.

Neurotoxicology and teratology 31(5): 291-302


Impact of gestational cocaine treatment or prenatal cocaine exposure on early postpartum oxytocin mRNA levels and receptor binding in the rat

McMurray MS, Cox ET, Jarrett TM, Williams SK, Walker CH, Johns JM.

Neuropeptides 42(5-6): 641-52


Intergenerational effects of cocaine on maternal aggressive behavior and brain oxytocin in rat dams

McMurray MS, Joyner PW, Middleton CW, Jarrett TM, Elliott DL, Black MA, Hofler VE, Walker CH, Johns JM.

Stress 11(5): 398-410


Gestational ethanol and nicotine exposure: effects on maternal behavior, oxytocin, and offspring ethanol intake in the rat

McMurray MS, Williams SK, Jarrett TM, Cox ET, Fay EE, Overstreet DH, Walker CH, Johns JM.

Neurotoxicology and teratology 30(6): 475-86


Cocaine disrupts pup-induced maternal behavior in juvenile and adult rats

Johns JM, McMurray MS, Hofler VE, Jarrett TM, Middleton CL, Elliott DL, Mirza R, Haslup A, Elliott JC, Walker CH.

Neurotoxicology and teratology 29(6): 634-41


Cocaine treatment alters oxytocin receptor binding but not mRNA production in postpartum rat dams

Jarrett TM, McMurray MS, Walker CH, Johns JM.

Neuropeptides 40(3): 161-7


Thermoregulatory response to an organophosphate and carbamate insecticide mixture: testing the assumption of dose-additivity

Gordon CJ, Herr DW, Gennings C, Graff JE, McMurray M, Stork L, Coffey T, Hamm A, Mack CM.

Toxicology 217(1): 1-13


The effects of dopaminergic/serotonergic reuptake inhibition on maternal behavior, maternal aggression, and oxytocin in the rat

Johns JM, Joyner PW, McMurray MS, Elliott DL, Hofler VE, Middleton CL, Knupp K, Greenhill KW, Lomas LM, Walker CH.

Pharmacology, biochemistry, and behavior 81(4): 769-85


Cocaine treatment and prenatal environment interact to disrupt intergenerational maternal behavior in rats

Johns JM, Elliott DL, Hofler VE, Joyner PW, McMurray MS, Jarrett TM, Haslup AM, Middleton CL, Elliott JC, Walker CH.

Behavioral neuroscience 119(6): 1605-18


Gestational treatment with cocaine and fluoxetine alters oxytocin receptor number and binding affinity in lactating rat dams.

Johns JM, Lubin DA, Walker CH, Joyner P, Middleton C, Hofler V, McMurray M.

International journal of developmental neuroscience 22(5-6): 321-8

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