Graduate Students

Our doctoral students are the key to our scientific productivity.
They are the next generation of researchers, mentors, and teachers.

Shannon Thompson

BS/BA, Psychology/Biology - University of New Mexico

Joined Fall 2017

My previous experiences in neuroscience include Discrimination Reversal testing with touch screen, Attention Set Shifting Task in mice for behavioral flexibility, and Object Place Paired Association and Morris Water Maze to understand spatial navigation on rats all of which are designed to look at learning and memory and the circuits that underlay the processes. I hope to continue that research in learning and memory with a focus in alcohol addiction and impairment research so that I can take that knowledge and teaching skill I will gain here at Miami back to New Mexico, at some point, and help improve the educational base there. I also am a third degree black belt in Karate, Japanese sword and naginata practitioner, moviemaker and armature artist who loves all things vampire.

Danielle Tapp

BS, Psychology - Indiana-University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

Joined Fall 2016

From my first experiences in research measuring impulsivity in animals selected to prefer alcohol (HAP Mice), I have always been fascinated by decision making and how drugs of abuse interact with those processes. In addition to conducting research on ways to alter impulsive behavior, I have also studied involving how alcohol drinking behavior in HAP Mice is affected by nicotine and amphetamine. I am broadly interested in understanding how alcohol and drugs of abuse alter specific neural networks responsible for decision making as a process and individual aspects of decision making such as impulsivity and attention. In addition to understanding decision making as a behavioral outcome, I am also specifically interested in how drugs alter decision making processes from a genetic, cellular and neuro-developmental perspective.

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