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McMurray Lab attends SfN Meeting

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

A large contingency from the lab attended and presented at this year's Society for Neuroscience Meeting in Chicago, IL. Below is a list of all the poster and oral presentations made by students affiliated with the McMurray Lab. All posters and abstracts are available upon request. Congrats everyone!!

1. Tapp DN, Perkins JC, McMurray MS - Dorsal raphe projections regulate the rewarding nature of amphetamine.

2. Henry XM, Burrell BS, Barbel MW, Thompson SM, Tapp DN, McMurray MS - The loss of environmental enrichment does not enhance alcohol self-administration.

3. Carmon HJ, Thompson SM, McMurray MS - Opioid overdose and rescue impairs risk-based decision-making and behavioral flexibility.

4. Singstock MD, Klein BR, Tapp DN, McMurray MS - Chemogenetic inhibition of ventral tegmental area projections to the medial prefrontal cortex affects decision-making.

5. Tapp DN, Thomspon SM, McMurray MS - Cue encoding patterns of brain stimulation reward compared to sucrose rewards.

6. Thompson SM, Tapp DN, Carmon HJ, Byrnes EM, McMurray MS - Neurotoxic consequences of opioid overdose and rescue.

7. Lichter JB, McMurray MS, Keane B, Solomon NG - The influence of tyrosine hydroxylase neurons on pair-bonding behaviors of a socially monogamous rodent.

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