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McMurray Lab Undergrads present at the Undergraduate Research Forum

Undergrads from the lab presented at Miami University's 25th annual Undergraduate Research Forum, a University-wide showcase of faculty-mentored undergraduate research. This year, the lab had student presentations of 3 posters, and 3 oral presentations. Congrats everyone!! Below are the authors and titles of each presentation:

Oral Presentations

  • Jaylen Perkins and Danielle Tapp - Exploring Serotonin Circuits that Modulate Amphetamine's Abuse Potential (in "Graduate Students As Undergraduate Research Mentors" panel)

  • Mitchell Singstock - Chemogenetic Manipulation of the VTA-mPFC Neural Circuit (in "What I did last summer" panel)

  • Katherine Rodriguez - Early and late adolescent binge drinking in rats and effects on neuron circuitry

Poster Presentations

  • Margot Duffy and Annie Campion - The Addition of Caffeine Makes Alcohol Less Aversive to Rats

  • Hanna Carmon - Animal Model of Fentanyl Overdose and Naloxone Rescue

  • Blake Burrell, Marquis Barbel, and Xavier Henry - Enhancement of Alcohol Self-Administration by the Loss of Environmental Enrichment

In addition to undergraduate research assistants from the lab, students from Dr. McMurray's PSY 490 class (Broadening Undergraduate Research Participation in Behavioral Neuroscience) also presented posters on their research projects!

  • Harry Savarese, Eric Schoen, Ben Klein - PAG-VTA Projection as a Potential Pathway for Pain-Induced Opioid Relapse

  • Taylor Hurt, Hannah Williams, Amina Usman - Alcohol Induced Resilience in a Rodent Model of Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Hannah Pajerski, Maranda Saigh, Jamie Kent, Judy Sun - Anxiety Response of Rats Living with an Amphetamine Treated Cagemate

  • Sabrina Madson, Abebba Araya, Jack Mignery, Sena Omoruyi - The Effect of Depression During the Withdrawal Stage of Fentanyl/Dependence on the Rate of Fentanyl Relapse

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